NFL players, Dallas Cowboys fans reminded about the players’ horrible contract

Professional sports contracts frequently highlight just how interesting labor relations can be. Like Brady and Deflategate, Ezekiel Elliot’s suspension highlights how collective bargaining contract provisions can impact the workplace and employee discipline.  Read about how a great contract for management, but horrible contract for employees, has impacted the nation’s most popular sport here.

Time for a fresh look?

If you and your labor relations contractor have a bad relationship with your employees, you should look to us to offer a fresh perspective, hope, and long-term, meaningful strategies that will make employees – including you – enjoy their work. 

Some contractors benefit  financially from poisonous relationships and the legal and administrative proceedings that are often associated with such relationships. We can assist you in identifying solutions that advance your interests, mend and build relationships, and help your business grow and your organization thrive.

Get an objective cost-out of your next labor contract proposals

One of the biggest obstacles to getting creative when proposing labor contract language is the fear associated with the short-term and long-term cost of the initiative. We have over 26 years of experience in costing-out contracts. And, with all of our experience, we know what to look for in terms of financial and other costs that come with innovation. No matter who is going to be bargaining your next collective bargaining agreement, you might want to have an objective and experienced professional analyze the pros and cons of your proposals.

Know what employees can and can’t say before reacting to negative comments about your enterprise

No matter how easily you are able to shrug off misinformation about yourself and your business or organization, it still stings when people – especially customers and employees – criticize your enterprise. Make sure you know your options before reacting. Here is a real example of a National Labor Relations Labor Board local case from seven years ago that highlights what can go wrong if you don’t know the law and the latest inner-workings of the NLRB. Click on Santa Fe (and the others for more examples in other states).

While public unions protest, national private-sector unions might be aiming to do business with Trump



While public unions protest his actions, appointments and initiatives, some unions, even if traditionally Democratic, have aims that align with Donald Trump’s stated priorities: building infrastructure, rewriting trade agreements and blocking an exodus of jobs.

Read how Trump’s  inroads with some unions have labor presidents scrambling here,

Dress codes, your appearance and your salary

Dress codes and appearance policies have a big impact on employees. In some companies, dress standards affect company culture and morale; in some cases for better and in some for worse. But beyond policies, how you are required to dress and you choose to dress influences how people view you, and likely how much money you earn.

Read more about dress by income range levels, job groups, industries and regions here.