Public School Leaders, Now is the Time to Gather Real Data to Transform your District

See if our people analytics platform is right for you

Public school leaders, want to know what your teachers and staff are really thinking? Our proprietary behavioral sciences platform gauges learning styles, attitudes and attributes of employees. It also offers a feature that allows leaders of organizations to communicate and engage with employees on an ongoing basis. This “pulsing” feature” is great for public school superintendents and associate superintendents to confidentially and respectfully obtain real data (not influenced by group thinking, conventional thinking, or union bias) regarding educator attitudes, opinions and the willingness to try new approaches and new ways at looking at teaching, learning and educator pay.

Big increases in public school funding will provide you with opportunities for superintendents and HR leaders to get more creative and ambitious with staff compensation and instructional programs.  Having real data regarding attitudes and opinions would provide leaders with facts and hard data when deciding to pursue any initiatives, including lobbying state legislators and collective bargaining proposals.  This may be your best opportunity to transform your district into the district you imagine for your students and staff.

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